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Fall Festival

Every November since 1998, the WSPTA has hosted its annual Fall Festival. Each year, the festival features music of a different musical era. Students have the opportunity to perform one or more pieces from that musical era for a closed adjudication. Each student is given encouraging comments on how to improve his or her playing.


Students age eleven years or younger, on the day of the Fall Festival, are allowed a total playing time of up to five minutes. Students age twelve to eighteen are allowed a total playing time of up to ten minutes.

2023 Fall Festival

Saturday, November 18, 2023


Location: Wake Forest University, Scales Fine Arts Center

Era: Classical

Adjudicator: Anja Arko

Registration fee: $20

Registration deadline: Saturday, October 31, 2023

For more information, visit the Forms page or contact Scarlette Kerr

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